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Aug. 29th, 2008 @ 04:32 pm The Vets
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I have had three new vets.
I seem to have IBD.
I have had diarrhea since May!
Mom is undone.
The last vet came as a recommendation of a friend.
The new vet pushed to have wet slides made of the poop I happily delivered all over my carrier on the ride down to the far far far away office!!
I got mom good.
About five miles from home, she was freaking out because of the time, and the traffic, so I exploded diarrhea all over my carrier in her car!!!
I thought the smell might help her drive faster.
That way we could be on time!

She had to bath me at the office before I was seen.
Yeah cat butt bath in an office sink.
Mom was thrilled, boy does she love me.

Then the new vet took extra blood claiming they could see a parasite that had a nucleus.

The cost was $300+ then $40 for a wet compound medication from a pharmacist, that has to be force fed to me, because it tastes SO nasty dude!!

So basically they repeated the last tests from the last vet that were negative and my mom got suckered for a weeks pay!!

She is preeeetty sad, as the vet just called and said that all the required so important tests were negative and show noting.

maybe she will give up on the medicine.

*i am totally hopeful dude*
but I would like the smelly runny butt to stop
Me, me, je,moi-même
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