Arioch the Chaos Lord is by far the most dangerous and unpredictable farting cat

Arioch ( and don't forget ...THE GREAT!)

Dad says, "strangers are bad".  So that's easy enough! Stop being strange! He asked told us all to make our journals friends only!! That's not so hard, wanna be our friend? Just leave a message here! Then after dad checks it, and flea dips you, we can be friends!

Purrrollup* Meoooooooooooooooooooew. Puuurrrrlllluurp. Dude, I love to sing!
Oh yeah, this is ALL about me!

I was named after Michael Moorcock's Arioch. The name is puuuuuuu'rfect for me. I was originally returned to the kitty shelter for biting and scratching but I was a kitten and that is what kittens do… I was a big kitten, okay, maybe I was a small cat. None the less, I was taken home with one purpose. I was the freebee!
Work with me for a minute! Katylin actually wanted a black short haired cat, and the one she fell in love with was a long haired sable kitty with many broken issues. But one of the major issues was that he had just underwent femur surgeries and he needed someone special *chaotic* and *neurotic* like myself to help him be motivated to exercise his new legs. The vet told Katylin that she could have Macchiato if she would also take me home. I was taken home to bug Moccy! So that is my job, and I take it very seriously! I bug and bite and nag him all the time. So what if he is all healed and it has been many years, I am not a quitter and I will bug and chase him the rest of my life!
SO home I went. I had feet as big as my head, and I talked and walked all over her when she slept. On the way to Seattle, as she actually expected me to deal with a 24 ride, I puked, peed and well, the worst all over her. She bathed me at a rode stop, and at that point she gave me away. Well, she disowned me, and I became the misfit kitty!
After all these years of tormenting me, she had finally come back around, and she snuggles me. (I still fart on her) Katylin makes loads of fun of me for having a tail, trying to get it on with the others and for my curiosity with water. But I know that she loves me.
I am a sleek but not so athletic cat. I stand almost three feet tall, and have long legs. I have a perfect scarab on my all gray tabby paint job. I also have a coffee colored mouth and a small spot on my toes. As if I would drink after a human!!
Oh more about my name Dude, because you</> are still here!

My name means: Lion Like! OH AND THIS maybe that is better it means fierce lion.

Arioch, the chaotic Chaos Lord and true master of chaos is considered to be by far the most dangerous and unpredictable of the lords. Both he and his followers do everything in their power to bring about chaos in all its forms. While many plots by those of Arioch have been foolish and strange, some have proven to be ingenious, such as the creation of the rings of Arioch. When chaos rules and anarchy reigns, Arioch is usually not far behind. The only of the three lords truly interested in conquest on a large scale, Arioch constantly tries to out due his older brother Evoloch to prove he is the greater of the lords. Arioch's influence is often subtle, few sometimes realize his plots are at work at all until true chaos suddenly breaks lose and none else are left to blame. Arioch's followers often can be found gnawing at the souls of the good and pure, trying to slowly break them to turn towards chaos, or to drive them insane.

Brom forgot I was a cat! At least I am sexy.

And I love to talk!!
And talk.
And talk.

Sometimes in French!

......and I talk.
I am not shy, unless I do not know you.
But I try hard daily to live up to my name!!
Arioch, the Chaos Lord is though to be by far the most dangerous and unpredictable of the lords. He is known to try anything for the sake of chaos, thus many his plots have seemed foolish and strange, yet some have been proven to be ingenious, such as the creation of the rings of Arioch. When chaos rules and anarchy reigns, Arioch is usually not far behind.


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More about me!!

Dude! Farting is love! Puuuurrrrruuuulllp!
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